In this age of rapid change, uncertainty, and instability,

we want you to enjoy your life through our game contents.

We hope you will live a bright and positive life tomorrow through that fun.

We have put that thought into our contents.

We are also a professional group that pursues and proposes fun through game and contents,

and we want to grow by sharing fun with our customers.

The logo expresses our vision of "plus fun to every day".

The part to the left of the letter P stands for "+".

It also expresses our commitment and determination to create and manage content,

"Plus Ultra (moving forward and go beyond)".

Company Overview


Plus U, Inc.


CEO Susumu Ishizaki


MFPR Shibuya Bldg 9F,
1-2-5 Shibuya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo
150-0002 Japan

Business Domain

Content Business, Marketing Business


February 1st, 2021


10 Million Yen

Parent Company

UNITED, Inc. (TSE Mothers (code: 2497))