2021.03.31 Release of new service "CustoMe”

Plus U, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Susumu Ishizaki) is pleased to announce the release of the web version of its new service "CustoMe".

"CustoMe" is a service that makes it easy to create a stylish profile using images and videos. 


Have you ever wanted to express yourself and find friends through the people and things you like?

It's hard to appeal yourself, but you can talk a lot about what you like,

and CustoMe is a great service for those people.


It has a variety of formats for conveying "Like" using images in an easy way.


There are many gorgeous preset images and stylish fonts available,

so those who want to create a profile easily and those who are not confident in their ability

to create a stylish profile can use it without worry.


In addition, you can find friends with similar interests within CustoMe and enjoy chatting with them.


◆What you can do with CustoMe

- Introduce yourself in writing

- Share the link of your page on Twitter and other SNS

- Introduce recommended videos on YouTube

- Create a hub for various SNS

- Introduce your friend or your favorite with pictures

- Introduce the relationship between a couple of good friends with images

- Counting the number of days that have passed since the anniversary

- Post your own illustrations

- Use "# tag" to show off your favorite things

- You can make friends with people who have the same tag

- You can "react" to profiles you like

- "Follow" people you like

- Chat with friends on the message board

 *The bulletin board function is not mandatory to use

- Create an album of game resume images


There is no limit to the number of other ways you can use CustoMe!

CustoMe allows you to customize your profile page in a much more stylish and free way than traditional profile services.



◆Recommended for people who

- want to create your own profile page

- want to make your own homepage or blog easily

- want to make new friends through your hobbies

- want to chat with people who share your interests

- want to make a page to introduce your work

- can't put enough information in a fixed tweet on Twitter

- want to make an introduction page for your "favorite"

- want to introduce your favorite things

- want to chat about your "favorites"

- want to introduce your works like a portfolio



Web Page : https://custome.me/

Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/custoMe_me





- Your profile and bulletin board can be viewed by many people

  Please be careful about what you write

- Please avoid meeting people through this app.

- Elementary school students and younger are not allowed to use this service

- If you post something inappropriate or lie about your age, we may delete your account

- There is a limit to the size of images that can be uploaded to CustoMe

- This service is free of charge, but some advertisements are placed in order to cover operating costs

  Please understand beforehand


*Please wait for the release of the iOS/Android app version for a while

*You can check the capacity limit of uploaded images from the menu at the top left of the screen

*You can set up to 10 widgets in your profile

  Dividing line widgets are not counted


* The restrictions may be changed in the future depending on customer usage



Plus U, Inc.

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